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Spiritual Support Services


programs and services to nurture your spirit 



Spiritual Support Services 

Hello and Welcome! 



If you're ready to quiet your mind, open your heart,

and nurture your spirit, I'm here to help. 


Would you like to turn down the noise in your life

and create more peace and harmony in your inner and outer world?  


Do you want to learn how to take better care of yourself?  — whether that means setting healthy boundaries in challenging situations, releasing emotional baggage that is weighing you down, or establishing

loving self-care practices to support your healing and growth. 

Perhaps you have a hard time forgiving others—or yourself—for past mistakes, or you would like to gain insight into patterns of behavior that may cause conflict in your relationships.


Your inner critic may shriek at you with destructive and disparaging self-talk, while your inner child cries out for the love and acceptance it desperately needs... 


And you often feel tossed around by the winds of fate. 


Whatever your unique healing journey involves, I can assure you there is something here for everyone in this gentle and all-inclusive work.


As your guide through these transformative programs,

 I offer you a warm, non-judgmental space in which

to share, to grow and to heal.

Wherever you are along your spiritual path, I honor your process

as you develop a deeper connection to your own Inner Wisdom.


I trust Inner Guidance will lead our journey together at the perfect pace. 

Have a look around. If anything 'calls' to you, I hope you'll listen.  



"Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

Special note:  During these challenging times, I am offering the Nurturing Ourselves Program for $125  

* Program costs are in CAD and include materials, unless materials are to be ordered through Pathways of Light, where indicated. 

William-Adolphe Bouguereau -First Whispe

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling 

The Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselling is a private guided meditation session facilitated by teleconference, to help you access the Innate Wisdom of your Inner Guidance System. Your Inner Teacher knows the perfect way to lead you to become more aware of self-limiting blocks which hold you back from realizing your full potential and the full experience of Love, Peace and Joy in your life. 

90 minute session $75

Nurturing Ourselves Program

The Nurturing Ourselves Program is a six-week program offered in one-on- one sessions or in small group settings through video or telephone conference. 

This program is also offered in person for larger groups and in workshops or weekend retreats. 

Six weekly 1.5 hour sessions - $199

* Weekend Retreat - $399

(Program materials included)


*Retreat cost varies based on location. 

William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Cupidon 189
The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot, 1880. Public Domain

Relationship Enhancement Counselling 

When people have the attitudes, skills, and understanding needed to create a “safe haven” with others that nurtures the spiritual growth of each, relationships are a light-filled experience. If you would like to create this kind of healing relationship with your partner, family member or friend, you can learn to apply important attitudes and skills for healing relationships with the guidance of a Relationship Enhancement Counsellor who is trained to help. The purpose of the Spiritual Relationships Counselling sessions is to learn how to relate to others in ways which contribute to your deepest need, your need to wake up to the Spirit within you both.

 * 12- Week Program: 'Removing the Blocks' Counselling

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