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Participant Feedback



*Because of the personal nature of this work, and to assure confidentiality, particularly for programs offered in institutional settings, only partial names or initials of participants are provided. 

"The most valuable things gained from this program were the freedom to share openly without judgment and receiving Theresa's and the group's supportive unconditional love each week. I think Theresa and the Pathways programming are invaluable. Priceless!!! In some ways it is so simple, clear and concise yet delivered so lovingly and with such understanding and clarity." - Anne G. 


Spiritual Awakening Program,  2016 

"Although I have been to many groups, I found this one to be the best. We all had an opportunity to speak, knowing that the information was kept within the circle, and concerns could be released and let go. It was also wonderful to be able to share ideas and thoughts to help assist others in the group, Theresa, you are a wonderful person to know. Your "light" energy and love was strongly felt. It was a great pleasure to be in your presence."   Charlotte Q.


Spiritual Awakening Program, Oct. 2010

"I experienced a breakthrough in my recovery and personal development! I gained a fuller understanding of my inner child and a fuller understanding of other people I am in relationship with. Thank you so very, very much for your love, support, wisdom, understanding, time & talent and for being so dedicated to the work that you do and for being so dedicated to me - to all of us. I could go on and on..."  - Bonnie M.  


Healing Inner Child Program, April 2012

"I loved the meditations, group, teacher. I loved it all. " - V.


 Burnside Correctional Facility, 2012

​"Thank you so much Theresa, I had such an awakening experience. This is so powerful, so overwhelming. This allowed me to take a deeper look inside of me and to actually find me. Wow, this was a totally indescribable, unbelievable, life changing experience for me." - D.


 Burnside Correctional Facility, 2012

"This group experience was very helpful to me. It was a comfortable and safe environment which allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings openly. I learned a valuable way of dealing with past hurts and relationships through meditation and discussion among people dealing with their own situations. Theresa makes a wonderful group leader and facilitator! She is gentle and kind."  - R. Barrett


 Spiritual Awakening Program, 2010

"This program was very helpful in looking at ways I could nurture myself that I didn't look at before, like walking away from situations that I have no control over. I was able to talk about things with others and gain insights about myself by also recognizing myself through what other people were experiencing. The program length was perfect and allowed for enough time to ponder and experience each topic. Theresa is always insightful and is excellent at bringing out the underlying emotions and feelings which are relevant to the topic at hand. She also seems to be able to recognize areas that need to be looked at.  Excellent facilitator!" - Barbara          ​


                         Nurturing Ourselves Program, Feb. 2019

"I am glad I attended the training. I got to stay in the moment —it was helpful. I will never forget what I learned. It was a great experience. I used to worry about the past and future. Now I live for the moment; that's all I need to worry about, knowing all the work I put into myself is paying off. It helped me notice and appreciate it." -T  


Coverdale Court-Work Services for Women, 2012

"I felt completely free to be myself and open up to be able to talk freely. I learned to breathe, to meditate, to be quiet in the calm. I committed myself to something and I felt very good about myself for doing so. I was able to get painful things off my chest and let it go. It wasn't balled up there anymore. Not forgotten, but let go."- A

Coverdale Court-Work Services for Women, 2011

"Very interesting information and it will be useful to me. I found it helped me to relax and open up in my thought process. This program is very helpful and gives us insight into our own power. the facilitator is wonderful and very insightful about the information." - G

Burnside Correction Facility, 2013 

"I would highly recommend the   material we covered, very interesting. A lot of it had to do with the way Theresa presented it. I felt very comfortable with Theresa from the beginning. Amazing person." - Carolyn M.


Spiritual Awakening Program, 2014                        

"'This group experience was very helpful. Theresa was so warm. loving, caring, honest, and so very knowledgeable. This experience has been so rewarding and joyful, and just another step to the love of life." - Susan R. 


Spiritual Awakening Program,  2009 

"This program identified and validated many things that I had experienced as a child and how these experiences had affected my life. It gave me the tools to recognize triggers of these past experiences and how to recognize and address them when they came up. It gave me another way of viewing life and situations. It was wonderful and life altering. Theresa Tomilson is a very knowledgeable, nurturing, gentle, kind, spiritual and wise soul. She listened and reflected back experiences, relating her own, which was valuable. Although she referenced the text, she allowed the sessions to evolve as they would. Once the group was more comfortable with one another, there was time for sharing and this was not only allowed but encouraged. For me, she is a life saver." - Angela  J.


Healing Inner Child Program, June 2016

Blue Lotus.jpg

"My experience was wonderful, I was skeptical at the beginning because I wasn't sure if this would benefit me at all. Even after the second meeting I felt a change in myself. Now I feel that I am almost entirely in control of my feelings and reactions to previous triggers. I would like to say thank you for making me feel so welcomed and thank you for all of the continuous support. I am forever grateful that I was able to meet you and learn about the workshop. You are truly inspirational, and thank you so much for helping me and many others in our lifelong journey. Before entering the workshop there were many things that I didn't think I would ever be able to change, but with your guidance and support I am happy to say that I've been able to control the negative thoughts I used to feel."   - B. Porter


Healing Inner Child Program, June 2016

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